Social Media Success

SOMA demonstrates a track-record of building award-winning social media campaigns for clients. Let SOMA help you build an effective, engaging digital campaign partnered with the right influencers.

What can SOMA do for you?

Go where your customers Go: Online.

  • 37% of marketers have a dedicated budget just for influencer marketing in 2018;

  • 92% of marketers say social media is important to their business;

  • Pew Research shows that 80% of women who are online, are using social media, and 80% of health inquiries start online.



Are you looking for a blogger engagement program or strategic guidance on how to improve your social presence? Both require a keen understanding of how to deliver what consumers want, where they are seeking information, in an authentic, engaging manner. SOMA has partnered with over 100 diverse bloggers to reach target audiences with a client's key messages and provides daily support in the management of client social channels.

Our integrated  digital campaigns deliver measurable results. We've built a four-step model to successfully developing an influencer program with engagement as a marker of success in our programs.


Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text. The power of visual communication is at the center of THE strategic guidance we provide our clients.

  • We work creatively to develop visual content for social channels, including infographics & stop motion graphics

  • We build video content for programs - including blogger videos, Facebook Live, Instagram Stories integration

Integrated Marketing Communications Plans

SOMA has partnered with several clients, ranging from Retro Report to the Malala Fund or Hospital Albert Schweitzer (HAS), a hospital in Haiti founded by the Mellon family in 1957, to conduct an audit of all existing communications materials and write clear, concise messages for donors, stakeholders and a broader audience. The process follows a strategic outline and involves the client along the way, to determine key priorities, effectively give voice to the organization's goals and accomplishments and help consistently brand these messages across all platforms.

Traditional Media Relations

Even in today's 24-7 media environment, generating national or international media coverage is tremendously challenging. Many clients seek coverage of an issue but the reality is successful media placement occurs through narrative-based pitches. The SOMA model guides clients through the right steps to strengthen a pitch and generate positive outcomes.  Successful outcomes included op-ed placement in the Washington Post, national story placement in USA Today and TV and radio coverage in top 20 markets. The March 2018 issue of Real Simple magazine includes a client article pitched and placed by the SOMA team: "How to Raise A Responsible Drinker."