Where is social media headed in 2017?

2016 was big year for social media. Networking platforms evolved into tools used by many to share news, ideas, politics and social issues. We saw the emergence of vanishing videos, augmented reality(AR) and lenses that brought a level of reality to social media that we haven't seen before. 

2016 was definitely a year of pushing limits and something tells us 2017 might be the year to shatter them. 

Welcome to SOMA Status

Welcome to the new SOMA Status blog, where we will work to bring you the latest news and trends in social media, with an eye towards how social intersects with public affairs. We live in DC - our focus will always be issues over products - and how social plays a role in trade associations and non profits. In fact, last week the Washington Post reported the results of a new survey indicating K Street views social media and digital advocacy as the "fastest growing segment of the influence industry."  

What does that mean? Quite simply, having an engaging, informed and thoughtful presence on social media is necessary for every industry. As we look to the outcome of the election this week, we wanted to share a look at the role of social during the campaign. The emergence of Snapchat to influence millennia voter registration particularly piqued our interest as a change from the 2012 campaign. 

Check back for more updates from us to help keep you informed on the intersection of public affairs and social media. Please share our infographics and find us on Twitter and Instagram @SOMAStrategies.