The SOMA Word of the Year: Compel

Did you know there was a 325% increase in "Influencer Marketing" searches on Google alone over the last 12 months?

2018 launches SOMA Strategies' 7th year in business. We've been managing blogger & influencer campaigns for our clients for over 5 years. We're thinking this means we - you and us - are socially savvy and on point with our digital strategy, given the extraordinary search volume increase for what we've been doing together for many successful years.

We aren't searching what "Influencer Marketing" means. We are searching how to refine and improve the strategy.

Working with established and new clients, 2017 was the year we experimented more with video to reinvigorate  messages of health, wellness and responsibility. Together we found tremendous success in using Facebook Live, sharing beautifully edited and humorous blogger videos and watching the explosion to more consumer engagement and commenting on Instagram.  

When establishing goals and performance metrics for a program, SOMA consistently holds comments and community engagement as a marker of a program's success.

This year, we won't rest on our laurels because we're not Googling "Influencer Marketing," instead we'll continue to innovate and perfect this digital communications strategy. Before embarking on each new project this year, we will evaluate not just key messages and key performance indicators but will our content and messages resonate with audiences?

Will it COMPEL them to share? Respond? Hit "Like"?  We want to be sure we are steering our client work down a compelling, authentic path to success.