Debunking "Mama Needs a Drink" with Female Physician Influencers

Cultural tropes around “Mom needs a drink” are pervasive and detrimental. In honor of April’s designation as Alcohol Responsibility Month, SOMA approached with the idea of a female physician influencer campaign. By engaging with a diverse team of five female physicians to turn “Mom needs a drink” into a positive campaign about ways to support moms while role modeling responsible decision making in front of kids, including young kids, we could creatively launch a conversation from a place of positivity instead of defensiveness. We strategically designed a program focused exclusively on Instagram and TikTok, prioritizing video and Reels, to optimize our organic reach and engagement.

Social Media Campaign

5 Influencers

1 Month


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Social posts


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Campaign Objectives

  • In support of Alcohol Responsibility Month, engage with a diverse team of five female physicians to share content on Instagram or TikTok.
  • Generate awareness around the importance of parents talking with their kids about alcohol responsibility and encouraging parents to re-consider the “mama needs a drink” language prevalent on social media.
  • Publish video-only content prioritizing Instagram Reels and TikTok to optimize organic reach of the content.

Influencer Team

We delivered high impact results in one month by reaching our target audience with visual video content. By tapping into trusted sources, such as female physicians, we were able to reframe the conversation around alcohol and stress, while also encouraging parents to have these vital conversations with their kids.

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